My creative journey commenced with my first drum kit at the age of 8. Progressing through the guitar and piano, I delved into songwriting and music production by the age of 12.

Throughout my teens, I played in bands and honed my skills, leading me to Los Angeles at 19. Teaming up with my friend Grant Peters, we formed The Dirty Tees and made the bold decision to leave university for LA. Working under the mentorship of Natasha Bedingfield and Matt Robinson, we signed a management deal, gaining invaluable experience collaborating with top songwriters and studios globally. It was during this time that I refined my music production skills significantly.

After two transformative years in LA, I returned to Toronto to establish my own production company. Eager to pair visuals with my music, I saved up and invested in my first camera. Over subsequent years, I crafted short films, documentaries, and advertisements, focusing on developing my visual aesthetic as a cinematographer and honing my voice in storytelling. This phase fostered my profound passion for composing music tailored to visual storytelling.

In 2018, I partnered with my older brother, Brad Freeman, to found Lossless Creative, a burgeoning film production company. Our journey led us to tell compelling stories for prominent companies across Canada and internationally.

Presently, I remain driving Lossless Creative while launching two new e-commerce brands, &, which showcase my diverse creative outputs. Additionally, I regularly share insights on YouTube, contributing to the collective creative journey we're all on.

Every day, I strive to refine my craft and add value to others. Beyond my artistic pursuits, I find immense joy and fulfillment as a husband and proud father, drawing inspiration from the harmonious blend of family, daily life, and creativity.

In this beautiful tapestry of life, I find solace in the endless flow of creativity and possibilities, relying on God's guidance.

Email for inquiries, licensing & collaborations.